Special fitness plan working for star shuttler Sindhu

Fitness 19 Now Featuring the Silver&Fit(R) Exercise & Healthy Aging Program in 24 States

The former All England champion was stunned to see the way ‘Super Dan’ got ready for business. The Chinese superstar’s warm-up drill was even better than Gopi’s three-day training session. This made Gopi realize that training hard and in a unique way was the secret of success in badminton. And for a player like Sindhu, who is five feet, 11 inches tall, Gopi knew that normal training methods would not help. He kept looking for physical trainers who think differently and finally zeroed in on Christopher Paul, popularly known as Chris. The trainer, whose methods have often been described as “crazy”, has been working with Sindhu for the past six months.
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The Silver&Fit program inspires members to engage in healthy, active lifestyles, and offers unique, evidence-based fitness and health education activities, including a no-cost or low-cost membership at a participating fitness facility. The Silver&Fit program is available at nearly 10,000 fitness facilities across the country, ranging from large, national fitness chains to smaller, regional facilities. “We are pleased to partner with Fitness 19 to serve older adults and other Medicare enrollees in their health and fitness goals,” stated George DeVries, chairman and CEO of American Specialty Health. “Adding Fitness 19 to our network expands our members’ access to a growing chain of excellent fitness facility options offering state-of-the-art cardio, strength and free weight equipment. By exercising regularly, older adults have a greater potential to maintain or even improve their health.” For more information on whether your Medicare plan includes the Silver&Fit program, please contact your health plan or 1-800-MEDICARE.
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7 Pieces Of Fitness Advice We Actually Want To Follow

Not to mention, crunches are unnecessarily taxing on the spine . That doesn’t mean ignore your abs: Core strength is essential to balance, stability and power in your arms and legs. Just try something more efficient and safer, like a plank . Caffeinate If you’ve been torn by debates over the health effects of caffeine , consider this: That jolt can give your stamina and endurance a boost, “making a long run or ride feel easier,” sports dietitian Molly Kimball told Shape. Whether you prefer coffee or tea is up to you. Just go easy on the sweeteners, as sugar may negate the pick-me-up from the caffeine, Shape reported.
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Senior Fitness 2013: Hometown Hero, AARP Rep Carole Carson

Carole Carson has also published Remembering When I Was Young (Hound Press, 2006), a gift set for children. HAVE A HERO TIP? Hometown Heroes are in every town and city. They are regular people who have made a positive difference in their community, impacting others for the better. Send your Hometown Hero tip to Kelly Jadon kfjadon@gmail.com or find her online at kellyjadon.com . About Kelly Jadon Kelly Jadon is an avid freelance writer; she has been mentioned in books, online and at MD Anderson regarding her work. She writes the syndicated column Hometown Heroes, which is read both online and in print across the United States.
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